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I collected, drove, and "fixed up" special interest automobiles in my teens and twenties. As a customer, it was difficult to find good parts suppliers. I knew I could do a better job by building a business from a customer's point of view if I could only decide on one model that 1. I enjoyed, and 2. was destined to become a classic. This turned out to be the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. I opened Karmann Ghia Parts & Restorations at the end of 1988, and by 1992, we were the number one Ghia parts store in the world. Around 1991, VW stopped re-supplying parts for the Karmann Ghia, so besides selling, I also started reproducing parts to fill the void.

In 2001, we expanded our manufacturing into parts for all Air-Cooled VW models (Bug, Bus, Type 3, etc.) and Vanagons (over 900 parts to date), and opened Ventura Warehouse Group to wholesale these parts to dealers all over the world. We also acquired several key employees from the demise of Rocky Mountain Motorworks.

In 2005, we launched our newest company Airhead Parts. catering to the retail needs of air-cooled VW and Vanagon owners, and most recently, we've merged it with Ventura Warehouse Group to create Airhead Parts Wholesale.

I still believe that "coming from the customer's point of view" is the best way to win and keep customers. If there is something you would like to see, please let me know personally through my email at: scott@airheadparts.com with VW in the subject line.

Scott Dempster and the staff of KGPR Inc

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