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Distributor, Mechanical Advance
Distributor, Mechanical Advance

Not a Chinese Knock-Off! A truly High Quality Replacement for the Bosch "009" Distributor made in North America. Uses OE Bosch Points, Condensor, Rotor & Cap Replacement Parts! It even comes with the Distributor O-Ring, nothing more to buy! Note - CANNOT be used on D-Jet FI System Vehicles (T3 & T4 to 73). Not Legal For Street Use!

Part Number: 0231178009 USA


BUG 45-79
BUG CV 50-79
BUG SDN 45-77
BUS 50-79
GHIA 56-74
GHIA CP 56-74
GHIA CV 58-74
T-3 62-73
T-4 69-74
T-181 THING 73-74

List Price: $69.95
Our Price: $62.49
You Save: $7.46 (11%)

Item in stock!

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