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Steering Wheel & Horn Ring FAQ

Are Airhead/VWG/KGPR Steering Wheels rebuilt, refurbished or new?

VWG/Airhead Steering Wheels are a brand new, faithful reproduction of the
original installed on 64-71 Volkswagen Beetle, Karmann Ghia and Type 3 models.

What colors are available?

Charcoal Black, Silver Beige or Ivory.

Are your Steering Wheels painted?

No, they are cast/molded in the original color(s) available.  In other words,
they will not chip like Original Steering Wheels or any of the competitor-made
or refurbished Steering Wheels currently offered.

I have a 1962 (or 1963) Beetle (or Karmann Ghia or Type 3).  Will your
Steering Wheel fit my car?

Yes.  But because the original Horn Ring is different for the original Steering Wheel
installed, you must also purchase the 66-71 Horn Ring for it to install properly. 
The original Horn Ring for the 62-63 model does not fit the 64-71 Steering Wheel.


The Original Steering Wheel for the 62-63 was designed with "Cut-Outs" for the
Original Style Horn Ring ends to meet the "press-bar" portion of the Horn Ring. 
Our Steering Wheels do not have this feature and are designed for the "later" VW
design of Horn Ring.

I have a 1960 (or 1961) Beetle (or Karmann Ghia).  I bought your Steering Wheel in Ivory, but I canít get it to fit the Steering Shaft.  Why is this?

The Steering Shaft on Beetles and Karmann Ghias are what is called "Coarse Splines".  In 1962 models, Volkswagen introduced the same size shaft, but with "Fine Splines".  Our Steering Wheels are designed only for the "Fine Spline" Steering Shaft.

Is there a solution or a way I can install your Steering Wheel on my 1960 or 1961 Beetle or Karmann Ghia?

Yes.  Simply replace the existing Steering Shaft with one from any 62-67 Beetle
or Karmann Ghia.  If this has to be done, it is recommended that for safety reasons the round Steering Coupler at the bottom of the Steering Shaft be replaced as well.

I need to replace the Horn Ring on my 1962 (or 60, 61 or 63) model.  Will your Horn Ring bolt right on?

No.  Because of the later VW redesign of the Horn Ring, it will fit only 1964
thru 1971 Steering Wheels.  However, if the Steering Wheel is replaced with one
of ours (as described previously), it will fit and function just fine.

I have a 1964 (or 1965) model with just a Chrome Press Bar instead of a Horn Ring.  Do you offer a new Press Bar or will your Horn Ring fit in itís place?

New Press Bar Horn Actuators are not available new, but are available in either Re-Chromed or good used.  Although technically not original, the Horn Ring we manufacture will directly bolt-on itís place and function.  In fact, this was an approved VW superseded replacement for the Original Press Bar.

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